Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs



How has the transportation industry changed since 9/11?

Since 9/11, we live in an era of heightened airport security and constantly changing federal regulations regarding the transportation of freight goods through our nation's airports. Dove has been working closely with regulatory authorities like the TSA (Transportation Security Administration) & FAA (Federal Aviation Administration), airlines and clients to ensure that the goods we ship comply with all federal and state regulations. At the same time Dove is steadfast in our commitment to meeting our client's deadlines in a safe, secure and cost-effective manner. To accomplish this goal we have developed some tips that you may use as a checklist to prepare your shipments for their time-sensitive delivery and provided information to educate you and your firm to the latest security developments that may affect the delivery timelines of your firm's materials.


Will there be any delays? How fast can I have my material delivered

How fast your firm's material moves depends on many factors. The size of the shipment, pick up and delivery locations and commercial flight availability all can factor into the delivery time frame. It is important to understand that even though security procedures have generally become more uniform, security inspections vary from airline to airline and city to city. The TSA has yet to develop standardized security procedures for airlines when handling shipments like perishable goods, large bulk, pallet and containerized freight, undeveloped film and/or high value goods. To receive a rate quote and an accurate delivery time estimation, please contact Dove's helpful customer service managers who are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
Please note:

  • A large percentage of your shipments will be opened to verify the contents listed on your airway bill.
  • Depending on the airline and city, these procedures could significantly add to the transit time of your shipment.


Do I need special paperwork for international shipments?

All international shipments require a commercial invoice detailing the shipper's and consignee addresses and contact information, a description of goods and their declared value.

In addition to the commercial invoice, those shipments with a declared value in excess of $2500.00 require a Shipper's Export Declaration. A schedule B number is also recommended on the commercial invoice and the SED.
An original copy of the Shipper's Export Declaration (SED) must be sent along with the shipment. Faxed copies are not accepted by export customs any longer.


Is there any special paperwork for domestic shipments?

All shipments must be accompanied by a Dove Bill of Lading. Contact your local Dove Operation Center and request a supply of pre-printed bills of lading. You will be supplied with bills of lading that have your firm's name and address pre-printed on each one. You may also download bills of lading from Dove's web-site. When filling out the bill of lading make sure that you list a working phone number for your consignee, that you clearly list the contents of your shipment and the desired service level so that Dove's customer service managers can handle any customs or special care concerns.


Do I need to put labels on my packages?

YES! While only one bill of lading is required for each destination you desire to ship to, it is important to clearly label each and every package with both the shipper and consignee details.


How do I place an order?

You can place an order through our online Dove Trax service. You can also use Dove Trax to track your shipments. Of course if you prefer to speak to a live person, Dove's customer service representatives are available 24/7/365 for your convenience.


Any other tips?

All's well that is packaged well… While Dove takes precautions with all the shipments we transport, we rely on our clients to properly package the material they send. Sometimes material is too fragile or delicate and requires special handling or packaging. Dove is happy to lend a helping hand by providing packaging or crating services. If you have fragile goods or sensitive material, please contact Dove's customer service manager for advice or assistance. Dove has organized a team of hard-working, creative and flexible transportation and logistic experts who are dedicated to ensuring your shipping experience is a successful one. That means we employ every tool in our possession to meet your shipping deadlines in a worry-free, cost-effective manner. If you have additional questions, please contact our friendly customer service managers 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.