Diane brings a wealth of experience and passion to Dove Logistics in providing the highest level of customer service and satisfaction. She is an excellent advocate for our clients. Diane makes it a top priority to ensure that not only are all of her clients’ needs met, but that they are met to a degree that soars way above expectations.

Diane’s experience began at Ball State University when she graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education including a Reading Specialist minor. Her extensive training in education as well as years of experience in the classroom have given her a unique advantage within our company. She is adept at seeing and hearing our client’s needs as well as visualizing what our customers might be looking at and thinking. She has been instrumental in developing the proper culture within the company. Her prior experiences have made her invaluable in the training of our staff. Her knowledge, work ethic, and attention to detail, have provided her with an excellent transition to the transportation industry.

On a personal level, Diane’s passion extends past Dove Logistics to her close knit family. She is a mother of three boys and two daughters-in law. When she is not focused on transportation or family, she enjoys keeping her mind engaged with her three favorite activities: cooking meals for her family, exercising and decorating.

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